The Rules for Energy Infrastructure Projects Have Changed. 

Social PermittingSM Can Help

Gone are the days where regulatory permits for energy infrastructure projects are enough. Opponents and activists have the power to delay a project, leading to millions of dollars in added costs.

Social Permitting℠ is the process of securing the public’s permission and acceptance for a project, even if it’s not technically or legally required. In the pages of our ebook, we will detail how Social Permitting helps projects start more quickly, proceed more smoothly and foster collaborative relationships with stakeholders.


An illustrated preview of the Saxum Social Permitting℠ Ebook on a tabletWhat’s Inside?

  • The challenges of public trust with energy infrastructure projects
  • The roots of Social Permitting℠
  • Social Permitting℠ defined and why it matters
  • Stakeholder identification  
  • The power of stakeholder data
  • Tactics to engage stakeholders
  • Social Permitting℠ risk assessment


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